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Legislation Repository

This legal repository is an initiative on part of Samriddhi Foundation solely meant for the purposes of helping aspiring entrepreneurs understand about the procedures for doing business in Nepal. Additionally it also aims to facilitate foreign investors in identifying the mechanisms for investing in Nepal. The repository has for now four sections namely; Starting a business, Bringing in Investments, Paying taxes and Applicable laws. Each section contains several details pertinent to the theme which should help users gain some insights into the procedures, the government agency responsible, the fees applicable, the characteristics of a particular business type, and compliances and approvals required.

Starting a Business

Meant to assist domestic investors setup a business entity in Nepal. It contains a brief description of the category of business establishments, their characteristics and the procedure to be followed for setting up a business.

Bringing in Investment

Concerned with foreign investments in Nepal. It contains information about all forms of permitted foreign investment in Nepal, and their procedures. Users can also find links to government websites and applicable laws.

Paying Taxes

Meant to facilitate both domestic and foreign investors in understanding the system of taxation in Nepal. It contains among other things, the rate of taxes, the date on which tax is due, the various forms of taxes to be paid and procedure for paying taxes.

Applicable Laws

Contains a list of all laws applicable to various business establishments. The business establishments are segregated based on ISIC division used commonly in the preparation of National Accounts.

Note for Users

This repository has tried to address the federal nature of Nepal. As such the information contained here is meant for investors seeking to establish a business in Kathmandu, Bagmati State. Depending on the State some procedures may be different and applicable fees may be different, but they largely remain the same across Nepal.

Users can also make use of the forum to discuss with other aspiring investors/entrepreneurs. The Forum is meant for facilitating communication between investors and entrepreneurs, additionally users can also make use of the forum to inform us about the ways in which this repository can be made more user friendly, the things we missed out on, any errors we may have unintentionally made and any more additions to the repository that may be helpful.    

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