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Applicable Laws


Applicable Laws

The following section contains a list of laws applicable to sectors classified in accordance with the International Standard of Industrial Classification, some sections have also been aggregated into a single section owing to the similar nature of laws applicable. A point of caution for the users is that the sections below does not contain an exhaustive list of laws applicable to their area of business, rather it contains a generally applicable list of laws. In addition to the laws detailed below the legislation concerning their own vehicle of operation will also be applicable i.e. Companies Act, Private Firm Registration Act, Partnership Act, Industrial Enterprise Act, Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act and applicable Tax laws. Additionally, a large number of laws are in the Nepali Language, either because their translation is not appropriate or because the English version of the act has not incorporated the amendments made, the dates also correspond to the Nepali year i.e. Bikram Sambat.

Aquatic Animal Protection Act, 2017
Cooperative Act, 2074
Food regulation, 2027
Food Act, 2023
Forest Act, 2076
Land Act, 2021
Seed Act, 2045
Feed Act, 2033
Animal Health and Livestock Services Act, 2055

Environment Protection Rules, 2076
Environment Protection Act, 2076
Mineral Survey Rules, 2024
Mines and Minerals Regulations, 2056
Mines and Minerals Act, 2042

Environment Protection Act, 2074
Petroleum Act, 2040
Environment Protection Rules, 2076
Electricity Regulatory Commission Rules, 2075
Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 2074
Irrigation Rules, 2056
Water Resources Rules, 2050
Water Resources Act, 2049
Electricity Regulations, 2050
Electricity Act, 2049

Liquor Rules, 2033
Liquor Act, 2031
Tobacco Products Control and Regulatory Act, 2068
Environment Protection Regulations, 2076
Environment Protection act, 2075
Standard Measurement and Weight Regulation, 2076
Standard Measurement and Weight Act, 2025
Food Regulation, 2027
Nepal Standards Act, 2037
Food Act, 2023

Civil Code, 2074
Joint Housing Rules, 2060
Joint Housing Act, 2054
Building Rules, 2056
Building Act, 2055

Travel and Trekking Agency Rules, 2062
Hotel Management and Sale and Distribution of Liquor (Regulation) Act, 2023
Casino Regulations, 2070
Tourism Industry Service Delivery directive, 2070
Hotel Standard, 2070
Home-stay Operating Directives
Hotel, Lodge, Restaurant, Bar, and Tourist Guide Rules, 2038
Tourism Act, 2055
Food Rules, 2027
Food Act, 2023

Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2063
Black Marketing and other social offences Act, 2032
Consumer Protection Act, 2075

Electronic Transaction Rules, 2066
Electronic Transaction Act, 2063
Press Council Regulation, 2049
National Transmission Regulation, 2052
Radio Communication Regulation, 2049
Telecommunication Regulation, 2054
Advertisement Regulation, 2077
National Transmission Act, 2041
Telecommunication Act, 2076
Advertisement (Regulation) Act, 2076

Other directives and circulars issued by SEBON
Other directives and circulars issued by Nepal Rastra Bank
Compilation of Laws relating to Securities and commodities exchange in Nepal
Banking and Other Social Offences Act, 2064
Payment and Service gateway act, 2075
Foreign Exchange (Regulation) Act, 2019
Securities Registration and Issue Regulation, 2073
Credit Rating, 2068
Commodities Exchange Market Rules, 2074
Securities Business Person Regulation, 2064


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